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Advance Praises

Alone Bird: A Story About Autism is a wonderful and creative children’s book about a little girl named Tilly who has autism. Personally, I have worked with children with autism, and the simplified illustrations are visually captivating. The story helps the reader better understand the internal emotions of a child with autism. Alone Bird will bring smiles to every child’s face, and will guide them to a better understanding about autism. This book is about kindness, friendship, and love. What a beautiful book written by Amelia Peace!

M.K. Wood, Author of Piper’s Pond

(Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic)

What a beautiful and wonderful subject to write about. You, Amelia will be the hero to many a parent of kids with unique needs. Way to go!

Pete Marksteiner, Author of Little Pink Kitty Christmas

(Juvenile Fiction, Holidays & Celebrations)

Recently, I read the book Alone Bird by Amelia Peace and illustrated by Georgina Vaughan. The book talks about how we should embrace children with Autism. I liked the book because it gives an important message to be inclusive towards children with autism. We should understand that children with autism behave in a certain way because of loneliness and we should ensure we play with them.

Tanmoy Chakrabarti, Author & Illustrator of Moonstruck Dad, Monster Hunting

(Juvenile Fiction, Children's Scary Stories)

Additional Reviews

“It helps kids understand that people with Autism are similar to themselves, they may just express themselves in different ways.”

Reviewer, Alexandra S.

“I read this book with my 10-year-old autistic daughter. It led to some really interesting discussions surrounding how she felt at school. Every school should have a copy and every parent with a neurotypical child should read this together to discuss how people have differences.”

Mom, Dawn P.

“This book really hits home for me. I work with an autistic child, and this book describes it perfectly in simple terms.”

Reviewer, Ramsha M.

“This will be a wonderful addition to a preschool or early elementary classroom. It helps kids understand that people with Autism are similar to themselves, they may just express themselves in different ways. The simple language and illustrations are not overwhelming but still provide a clear narrative.”

Educator, Sarah L.

“I think it's important to teach children from a small age that autistic people are also just people, but that they are a little different. And that being different is okay.”

Reviewer, Danielle S.

"I like this book because it is simple and easy to read. The illustrations are simple and fun, and it rhymes nicely. Tilly Bird has autism and just wants to play with the other kids, but she and the kids all know she's different and plays differently. This is a cute little introduction book to autism and how everyone is different and still can be included."

Librarian, Kaitlyn W.